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An Effective Corporate Travel Policy Has Proven to Lower Costs and Enhance Productivity

How Effective Is Your Policy?

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How to Create an Effective Travel and Expense Poilcy Workbook

A recent survey of travel managers found:

  • 84% of respondents said higher airfares and hotel rates were negatively impacting their travel programs.
  • 60% complained that reduced travel budgets were also having a negative affect.

While the environment is certainly more challenging, 80% of respondents said that better, more effective corporate travel policies had a postitive impact on their travel strategies in terms of mitigating costs. Despite this evidence, 57% ranked non-compliance with corporate travel policies as a top 3 challenge.

What is an executive to do?

There are many reasons that travel policies don't stick or fail. It is crucial that your policy be built to align:

  • Business-critical issues
  • The (true) needs and demands of travelers
  • Organizational culture
  • Process and project management
  • Cost and risk restraints

An effective policy balances these competing priorities like a world-class orchestra. An ineffective policy disrupts business, frustrates travelers and does little to reduce and control costs and risks.

In our How To Create An Effective Travel Policy Workbook, we share our secrets and walk you through the process we utilize to create highly effective policies for mid-market organizations, associations and government contractors. We share not only the process, but worksheets to create an effective policy.

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