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The Secrets of Effective Business Travel Procurement

A Step-by-Step Guide to Lower Travel Costs, Dependable Support and Improved Control

In a world where you must be able to do more with less, this book is your must read guide to maximizing the impact of your travel program, while minimizing its cost.

secrets-of-effective-business-travel-procurementIf you are in charge of any kind of expense at your organization, chances are you don’t let spending go unchecked.  Think of this, though: The Global Business Travel Association reports that travel is the second or third largest controllable corporate expense, and yet it’s managed by less than half of all organizations with travel budgets of $2 million or less (and by even fewer with the smallest travel budgets). 

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to Travel Management
  • Ch 1: Preflight—Assessing Needs
  • Ch 2: Flight Plan—Developing Your Action Items
  • Ch 3: Flight Crew—An Insider’s View on How to Select the Best TMCs and Supplier Partners
  • Ch 4: In-Flight—Plan Implementation and Communication
  • Ch 5: Flight Certification-Benchmarking and Evaluating


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This book is one of the best educational tools to help you understand the value of a strong travel management program and develop and main­tain it. Watch as your organization’s travel-spending power grows.

Chris Kroeger
Senior Vice President
Sabre Travel Network