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The Essential Travel & Expense Management Process Guide


Transform Travel From a Necessary Expense to a Driver of Success

TE_Process_Guide_WithBorder.pngMany times, travel is considered to be an operational expense as opposed to a valuable contribution towards company growth. Travel & Expense Management is a process that, if executed properly, will follow specific steps to ensure that business travel is aligned with your organization's goals.

This process guide will take you through the 9 phases of the T&E process, addressing the necessary functions for a successful travel program from policy inception and pre-trip authorizations to change management and post-trip expense reconciliation. You will learn about 3 unique processes a company may practice or observe: an Unaware Process, a completely Unmanaged Process and an end-to-end Managed T&E Process. Download the T&E Process Guide today to ensure your company meets all necessary steps and actions for successful travel, including:

  • Trip Arrangements
  • Expense Management
  • Reporting
  • Travel Support and Risk Mitigation
  • Payment Management
  • ...And More!

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